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More than 6000 masks have been made during the Let’s Do It communal mask making action. Do-it-at-home mask making continues until 10 May

Today was the peak of the Let’s Do It all-Estonian mask making initiative ‘Let’s clean the virus out of Estonia’, which aims to encourage all the people in Estonia to make and wear cloth masks. As of today, masks were made in 281 places all over Estonia and 6012 masks have been sewn so far. Mask making action will also continue the next week and all people are invited to make and wear masks. Everybody can announce their mask making action on the Let’s Do It website until 10 May.

Tarmo Tüür, leader of the Let’s Do It collective action day, said that this year’s appeal to make masks has garnered a favourable reaction and people in many homes all across Estonia have participated in sewing masks. ‘The initiative was a resounding success because it highlighted the importance of sewing and wearing masks, and at the same time enabled to demonstrate that even during the emergency situation, many people of Estonia are ready to take responsibility and show that we care about ourselves, our close ones, and the community,’ Tüür said. 

Tüür opined that people are tired of the emergency situation and are becoming careless in following safety measures. That is why it is important to remind that combined with other preventive measures, wearing a mask is the most effective method with which we can help quell the virus from spreading and life return to normalcy. The Let’s Do It website provides recommendations about how to wear a mask and how to care for it. 

‘Over the course of several previous collective action days, we have highlighted topics related to the security of the community, be it fire or water safety or being prepared when the nature throws a spanner in the works. This spring, however, has us facing a completely unexpected challenge – a virus outbreak, and the best way to quell it and help society return to a familiar way of life is to work together, through individual contributions,’ Tüür said. ‘The appeal to sew masks relates directly on the awareness and safety of each and every community member. It also relates to co-operation, caring, and the shoulder-to-shoulder feeling, all of which are the main values and pillars of the Let’s Do It initiative.’

The Let’s Do It mask making action included a live stream on Saturday, during which handicraft teacher Anna Lutter taught mask making. The Facebook live stream can be watched on social media, see The Let’s Do It team’s own mask making action took place on Saturday in the Tartu Nature House while observing the safety measures of the emergency situation. From that location, a semi-virtual command centre of the communal action relayed information, impressions, photographs, and videos of the mask actions all over Estonia. The video of today’s mask making can be found at

As of now, more than 6000 masks have been made in 281 places across Estonia. The number of masks is impressive and exceeds expectations. Estimating the retail value of every handmade mask at approximately €5, people made roughly €30,000 worth of masks at home during the mask making action. If every mask were to be used for three hours, all the masks could then be worn for a total of 18,000 hours, after which the masks can be washed and reused over and over again.

This year’s do-it-at-home mask sewing got underway on 20 April and reached its peak on the first Saturday of May, the traditional all-Estonian Let’s Do It collective action day. Mask making will continue into the next week and everybody is invited to announce their mask action on the Let’s Do It website at until 10 May in order to encourage others to participate and make cloth masks for themselves and their close ones.

The domestic mask making that is being held instead of the traditional annual collective action day constitutes an all-Estonian mask making communal action, the aim of which is to make wearing self-made masks an everyday thing, to promote the correct way to wear a mask and the necessity to wear a mask in public indoor spaces in order to quell the virus from spreading further. The social media hashtags of the mask making action are #TeemeMaske, #KannameMaske, #TeemeÄra!

The collective action day Let’s Do It is a major annual spring event for dozens of thousands of people in Estonia, where they come together and get all the most urgent tasks in their neighbourhood done together. We cannot assemble this spring, but the most important task of the neighbourhood, cleaning the virus out of Estonia, can still only be done together.

The organisers of the collective action day are The Estonian Fund for Nature, Kodukant, the Estonian Village Movement, and the network centred around them. National Foundation of Civil Society, Tamrex, Vizeum, Tele2, Nordic Hotel Forum, R-Kiosk and others participate as partners.

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