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The ‘Let’s do it’ team launches the initiative ‘Let’s clean the virus out of Estonia’

Starting today, the team of the collective action day ‘Let’s do it’ invites all the people of Estonia to make and wear cloth masks. Along with other preventative measures, it is the quickest and most efficient way for us all to help stop the virus from spreading, mitigate the effect of the measures of the emergency situation, and life return to normalcy. 

The do-it-at-home mask sewing gets underway on 20 April and reaches its pinnacle on the first Saturday of May, 2 May 2020. Everybody is invited to announce their mask action on the ‘Let’s do it‘ website at in order to encourage others to participate and make cloth masks for themselves and their close ones. 

The domestic mask making that is being held instead of the traditional collective action held every spring constitutes an all-Estonian mask making communal action, the aim of which is to make wearing self-made masks an everyday thing, to promote the correct way to wear a mask and the necessity to wear a mask in public indoor spaces in order to quell the virus from spreading further. The social media hashtags of the mask making action are #TeemeMaske, #KannameMaske, #TeemeÄra!

Tarmo Tüür, leader of the ‘Let’s do it’ collective action day, said that as the arrival of spring has been very different for everybody this year, the collective action day will also be different. ‘The emergency situation forbids us from holding the annual ‘Let’s do it’ communal action day this spring, but we can all contribute to stopping the virus from spreading further by following all the necessary safety precautions. The mask making action offers an additional opportunity for everybody to show that they care about themselves and their community, and that they are ready to take responsibility,’ Tüür said. 

Tarmo Tüür noted that even though people have begun getting tired of the emergency situation and losing vigilance, caution is still necessary. ‘That is why the ‘Let’s do it’ team decided to chip in and invite all the people of Estonia, both in cities and in the countryside, to make and wear self-made masks. This communal action is our way to help make wearing a mask become a social norm,’ Tüür said. ‘Stopping the spread of the virus right now and during the possible outbreaks in the future can only be made possible through a collective effort, through everybody’s contribution. We have a one single message to everybody: let’s clean the virus out of Estonia!’ 

The collective action day ‘Let’s do it’ is a major annual spring event for dozens of thousands of people in Estonia, where they come together and get all the most urgent tasks in their neighbourhood done together. We cannot assemble this spring, but the most important task of the neighbourhood, cleaning the virus out of Estonia, can still only be done together. 

The organisers of the collective action day are The Estonian Fund for Nature and Kodukant, the Estonian Village Movement. National Foundation of Civil Society, Tamrex, Vizeum, Tele2, Nordic Hotel Forum, R-Kiosk and others participate as partners.

Additional information:
Tarmo Tüür, leader of the ‘Let’s do it’ collective action day
Telephone +372 5341 1020, e-mail

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